ipDex is a simple ip information lookup tool. With web version or API access.


Source: /dev/real


ipDex is a versitile ip lookup tool for web developers.

Simple to plug into web sites as your own lookup tool via included form widgets or with requests to the ajax API. 

Here are sample some responses.


IP Address:
Country Code: US
Country : USA
Country : United States
Allocated: 1990-12-31 17:00
Registry: arin
Net block: -
Net block count: 16777216
Hex: 21000000 - 21FFFFFF
Octal: 4100000000 - 4177777777
Numeric: 553648128 - 570425343



{"status":"success","ip":"","country":"United States","country_code":"US","country_abbr":"USA","allocated":"1990-12-31 17:00","registry":"arin","net_block":" -","net_block_count":16777216,"hex":"21000000 - 21FFFFFF","octal":"4100000000 - 4177777777","numeric":"553648128 - 570425343"}


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